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Drunk Pasta

We started making this as late night drunk carbs but now I’ve actually eaten it sober which is sort of tragic but its also really really good.


There are no quantities because when you are drunk its becomes ‘yeah lets just add that much’
Garlic Powder
Nutritional Yeast (can also use / add cheese as well)
*optional – a bit of mayo


1 Consume unholy amouts of alcohol
2 Cook pasta, don’t forget to salt the water – get too drunk to remember to keep any pasta water
3 Stir through a lump of butter, some garlic powder, salt and pepper.
4 Grate cheese and add or sprinkle in some nutritional yeast (it tastes better with nutritional yeast) and squeeze in a bit of mayo if you want it even creamier.
5 Add some chilli flakes to justify it as a sober meal – if you are blind drunk then skip that because the %carbs in chilli flakes is not high enough need to add them.
6 Enjoy and maybe drink some water