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Sesame Tofu Salad

a fave student meal


salad of choice ( I normally use spinach and rocket)
spring onions
firm tofu (can be smoked or plain)
vinegar of choice (I use whatever is in the cupboard but can be white wine, apple cider, rice, balsamic whatever)
lime juice
sesame oil
soy sauce
garlic powder
black pepper
sesame seeds
chilli flakes/siracha


1 Chop your tofu into cubes and if you’re feeling fancy marinate it in some soy sauce and sesame oil in the fridge for a bit (I managed this once)
2 Fry the tofu in a pan with a little vegetable oil and some garlic powder. Just when its done add some sesame oil and mix for about 20 seconds so you dont burn it and then take it off the heat and stir through some soy sauce – it will hiss
3 Chop your spring onion, tomato, cucumber and add to a bowl with your salad leaves and about half of the tofu, i always save some tomatoes to add at the end so they dont all get buried
4 Dress the salad with some vinegar, more soy sauce, sesame oil, lime juice and black pepper. Toss.
5 To finish, add the rest of the tofu over the top with the last of the tomatoes and sprinkle over some seame seed and chilli flakes.