Hi, my name is Annabel and I’m an 18 year old vegetarian who enjoys cooking, baking and making up recipes. I created this website so essentially I could have an online recipe book because I’m clumsy and lose all of them.

Firstly, lots of the things that I make could be made vegan if you swap stuff. This could be butter for a vegetable spread like Flora or greek yoghurt for something like alpro soya yoghurt. However, some of my recipes are naturally vegan; although I’m vegetarian (well pescetarian but it doesn’t sound as cool) I do like to try and eat vegan sometimes as well and try different vegan recipes.

I chose to go vegetarian in April 2019 one of the main reasons being to try and help the environment.
However, I’m also hoping that saving money as a student will be easier without buying meat.
I try and reduce my waste with other things in my life and I created a section of my website all about Upcycling things around my house and in my wardrobe.

If you make anything boost my ego and let me know, I’ve linked some stuff.

(also I like doing art and the avocado at the top was drawn by me)