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Wine Cork Pinboard

This idea was originally for my room at Uni but I also wanted to make one for my friends birthday.

To make it I collected corks from wine bottles for a while. I also asked to keep corks when I had a drink at other people’s houses (and probably looked a bit insane).

When I had colleted a decent amount I started sawing corks in half. I used a hacksaw but in hindsight it probably would’ve been easier to use some sort of electric saw (if you have one). Some corks had a more interesting design on the top so I cut them to create a circle.
(I originally tried sticking without cutting the corks and they didn’t stick to each other or the surface).

The wood for the backing could be any thickness or size but because you can see a bit of it through the corks I picked one based on it’s colour. I used the hacksaw to cut the wood to size.

I didn’t lay the corks out first (which I definitely should’ve done) and started sticking them down with a glue gun. When my glue gun ran out I used wood glue which didn’t set as quickly. Wood glue meant I could rearrange if they were in the wrong place. If your indecisive I would say use the wood glue but if you’re impatient use the glue gun. I am both so I couldnt really win.

I would say that if you do use a glue gun then lay out the corks first so you know what arrangement fits the board. If you’re using wood glue be wary that it doesn’t set quickly like a glue gun does.

The arrangement is entirely up to you but I wanted it to look sort of messy and neat at the same time. I put somecorks horizontal and mixed up the shapes with circles.

I finished it with some small photos, pins and also pinned on the birthday card : )

You could also add a picture hook or string to the back so it can be hung.

What you need;What I Did;
Glue Gun or strong Wood glue1 Collect corks, saw in half or to create a circle
from the top
Wine/Prosecco Corks2 Choose a wooden board for your backing, cut
to size if needed
MDF or Wooden board3 Arrange corks how you want them layed out and stick with glue
Saw (or sharp knife)4 WAIT TO DRY
5 Add photos and hang/gift